Hey ppl havent been on for a while just a couple days  go to this site and watch an eposoid http://www.happytreefriends.com its mad funny. Today cory and lauren and jackie are soposed to come over and play ddr i’ll kill em all except cory cuz hes a lil bit better than me. Im so bored theres nothing to do anymore , i wanna go to the movies tommorow if ppl are wiling to go. Dunn owhat else to write later.


hey people guess what i got my DDR yesterday i played it all day just a bout but i went biking down at pheonix and fell while i was grinding and cut my leg really bad and it kinda hurt, i was bleeding everywhere and i think i needed stiches but fuck it i dont need them. MY best combo today was 203 on matsuri japan and got A on it.

Today was boring i had to go to my grandmas company picnic and i was bored but i got to eat all the clams i wanted.  Besides that yesterday i went to jenees party and was reunited w/ my friends i had fun and me and cory won block chase! Tommorow my DDr should come in the mail and i am going to action wheels to get chaintentioners and a oddssey slic cable. And im going to the mall w/ cory and randi.



Hey every 1 i ordered ddr 2 days ago i should get it monday, or tuesday. I went and got new shoes today with john and we went to wal-mart and bought jenees card b/c today is her party uh thats pretty much fot today, and yesterday i worked and i was dead tired and it sucked but hey i got paid, well im gonna go bye.

hey every 1 uhhh im bored and chilln with rob, i got my new bike yaaaaaay! im getting a oddessy slic cable and new slim handle bars for it on monday.

Well i guess im gunna go i am tryting to go to the mall today. bye.

Damn its been like a month and a half since i wrote in here, thats just me 4 you. I worked friday and saturday like usual and im dead tired today. Summer is ok so far i hung out with my friends alot and i plan to more. Im getting a new bike finally, im getting rid of my Revo and getting a poverty buck 99 for $199.99 and selling my old bike for 150$ and i paid 125$ of my bike back so far so im going to pay it off in no time , Danscomp rocks!uhhh i really dont know what to write, last week i finally saw cody again he didnt reconize me and he hung out w/ me for a lil and then took off with jimmy. IM BORED BYE!!!!!!