Hey ppl that other entry was kinda boring but owell its a sad story you’ll live. Friday i went to the foot ball game and kinda just threw around the foot ball and had a record of 15 ppl swap the gum. I went w/ nick, jj, vinny, tawnie, rob, jenn and myself. It was fun i got to chill with girls like old times thank god!I think i like sum 1 but im not sure b/c i have my reasons and i just am confused im too much of a flirt. Anyways after the game we went to the park and it was fun but then we had to go home so sad, so instead we went to jenn’s house and played volley ball it was fun i fell in a bush a couple times with rob but im ok.

Today was funn too devin, mikey, john, and nick came over and we palyed ddr…. i kicked ass but nick hAS a lil over me . So my day was pretty kool.

gotta go bye


I GOT MY PC FIXED THANK GOD! here is the update i am single it sucked o well im over it thank god, im getting ddr 2 fun time yay. I am unemployed yay!

uhh i really have nothing else to say but i hate school it sux and im gunna fail bye.