Today had to have been one of the happest days of my life in a long time. Dorney seriously kicked ass, i had sooo much fun i went on rides and had fun with my friends. Me and cory paid 20$ to get on sky scraper and it was crazy i was accualy sorta scared for once , i love that in a ride.WE also went in the haunted house it wasnt scarry i laughfed soooo much. The people that showed up were me,cory,vinny,rob,steph,tawnie,nick,my brother, jay,jj,rexie,richie and we saw darleen there and other ppl from catty. After dorney me cory rob lauren and tawnie went to my house and played “DDR” it was fun, my brother was kinda an ass though…………………………That was the day.




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