Hey its been a couple of days since i updated but its all good. Yesterday was halloween it was probally one of the best since i hate the holiday so for once it was pretty cool. Heres what i did , i hung out with tawnie for a lil and went trick or treating with jermy, jackie, justin,erin, mike and aj. Me and tawnie were only with them for like an hour or more then she had to go home and i wont see her until monday. Then after i dropped her off i went to robs and he wasnt home so i called vinnys cell and i met them near shecklar and we went to the game. People who were with me were vinny, nick, john, rob, andrew. The game was alright we just hanged around and vinny stole my bike that guniea, and john got attacked by a lil kid. Thats basicly it…… now im in my boring weekend.



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