Happy Thanks Giving you Fuckers

I havent updated in a couple of days but heres what i did, yesterday was the peper ralley and instead of going i skipped it and went righthome with nikkie,john liebe, and nate. Then vinny came over for a while we just chilled and made prank phone calls again. Then eventually every 1 left and just me and nikkie were left and then she left too and went to the bon fire. Then i went with rob to the bon fire but we lost the game today anyway. Thanks giving was ok today i ate and watched foot ball the packers lost like a bitch it was sad…… well anyway i came home and now im here on vacation and its boring. I wanna go ice skating some time so if ur interested in going tell me , either im goin sun or mon.



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  1. Joe…I finally read the lyrics to Wonderful…I wanted to cry….but thats just how pathetic iam…i posted them up on my xanga….this my new favorite song…thanx joe…and even when i tell you i hate you…just know that i do love you…u just piss me off somtimes but hey…thats wat brothers boths young and older are suppose to do…~Mandee~

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