Im home sick again!!! I fucking hate winter why was i born in such a gay month. Yesterday i went to jj’s b-day party get togeather thing at first it was at Jenn’s house but her father called and said every1 had to leave and when he got home he started yelling at her and stuff……jenn if ur reading this im sry ur dads an asshole hope i didnt get u in too much trouble and i still luv yah. So when we got kicked out we hung out on the corner for like 45 mins and i was freezing my ass off, so we went to jj’s and watched part of last of the mohecans. Then We had cake for her bday and went down stairs. I played pool and shit and chilled and ate pizza, i was the last person to leave at 9 30 and i had a headache so bad and i found out i was sick again so that sux. I also gave my preasent to tawnie she really likes it from what she told me so that makes me happy.




Ps. Dec 17, 1903 at 10:30 am The Wright Brothers Flew The Fist Airplane Wieghing 670 Pounds with a wing Span of 40 feet, 100th Anerversy


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