IM FINALLY BACK!!!!!!! Lets just say the trip was interesting, i basicly slept in a hotel by night and by day i was never there. Christmas was differnt it didnt feel like christmas b/c it was warm out but then again it felt like christmas cuz every 1 was yelling at each other. My birthday dec 22 sucked ass sooo much i got yelled at and the only ppl who remembered it was my b day was my friends……………….but yeah well thats the way family is…….. In Texas i played DDR 1 time its soo cheap there you get 5 songs for 50cent and the pads were easy to play on…..well im rusty anyway. I took pictures in texas just of my family and elmo which i will burn!!!!!! I got More FIREWORKS TOO!! I had to sneak them here it was really hard, but i managed too. I also got 2 new necklesses thanks to my bro from spencers.CALL ME  ANYONE i wanna talk to my friends and do something on the last 4 days of vacation we have…………………….484 695 2142-cell 610 264 0784-home




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  1. HEY!! Stephie pOo and Panda HeRe HOLLA!!!!!!
    We missed you s0o0o much! sry we didnt call you for your birthday but people told us that we couldnt bc something like well uMm u didnt have minutes well guess what FUCK IT!!!!! hahaha STephIe pOo missed you in chem. nd homeroOm noo one to talk toO 😦 we love ya sOo much u are the kOoLesT jOe OuT Of ALL ThE HoEz yep yep got that ryte JoE OuR BIGGGGGGG BrO! the bestest out of all the restest Ya KnO! well HaPpy NeW YeaRs We LoVe Ya MwaHhHhz!
    LoTz Of ThIs LiL HoE LoViNg fRoM…
    ❤ Panda AnD StEphIe PoO ❤
    P.s Pandas daddy is a clean freak he squirts this GERM KILLER on our hands and then runs ova and gives us ANIMAL VITAMINS! he swears he isnt pushing us into drugs of any sort 
    if we fall ova and die THE ANIMALS KILLED US ! ur our witneSs

  2. Hey Joey!!!
    Me so glad you back!!! I missed you lots!  Yes i made ur bed and cleaned ur room…. hehe!!! I miss Oreo now! haha!!
    I will call ya sumtime this weekend and we can hang out with peeps!
    Joe’s MY BIG BRO! STEP OFF! haha
    Lauren ❤

  3. Im so0o happy your home! i missed you more than anyone! and now your all mine again! im so0o0o happy…and i love the picture haha im just so cute in it!! haha..i love you so0o much!*°x°Your Angel°x°*

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