The past 3 Days Have Been Interesting……….Im going out with my angel again(Tawnie) i love her very much.On Thursday i hung out with tawnie, Nikkie and my bro we took sum pics the n later that night we went to the movies and saw a movie with jack nikleson ………..but it was boring so we left earlie. The nthe next day nikkie and tawnie came over for a lil and then we went to the Mall i mean “old country buffet” cough…….then i got a new shirt Kurt Cobain and his jornal on the back its awsome im gunna wear it on monday. Next week i get my permit , i got a pre quiz 42 questions i got 38 right so im definely gunna pass.Today i went to nikkies with zack and he got dumped which is a bummer but every 1 needs to move on someday….I got to c my angel and chill with her and then we watched the ring and then i came home. Tommorow i hope to hang out with Rob m.



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