Ok today was a really good day First i woke up at 10 and went to my aviation flight club. I was really tired but i eventually woke up and started talking to the kids there and trying to get adjusted. Well i got to go up in thew air and see the city and then i got to fly the plane !!!!! it was sooo fun i got to take off and everything ….except land. Well after i was flying and stuff i came home around 330 and went looking for cory.  We then met up and me him tawnie and alyssa went to my house. We watch freedy vs jason and played ddr and beat my bro a lil with pillows but its all good. I am sooo happy so dont mess it up!!!!!!!!!!! well i g2g tommrow i hope gooes smooth too.


i love u tawnie!!!!!!!

NOTE: DDR Extream Torniment FEb 28 10$ entrance fee Northhampton Arcade lil bit past Roxie movie thearter …… join and we might just win



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