Name: Joseph Johnathon Troxell Jr II
Nicknames: Joe, Joey, Joe II, Trox, jr. , sir Joseph

Birthday: 12-22-87
highschool: Catasauqua
Grade: 9th
Living situation: sucks
Sibilings: 1full sister,1 full brother and 2 half sisters
Names: Mandee, zack, Heather, sarah
Sign: Capricorn
Hobbies: Art, Models, Airplanes, Music
In the morning i am: Dead tired
Im afraid of: being sick which I am
Pets: Cat—Oreo rabbit– sassy
Do you get along with your parent(s)? Just my father
Bedtime: usually around 12
Wut kind of work do u do: nothing right now just school
Are you an indoors or outdoors person? I like to be indoors in winter and out in fall, spring, summer
Height: 5’11
Natural Hair Color: brown
Hair Color Currently: black
Eye Color Currently: dark green
Hair Style: med length , curly at ends
Freckles: a lil
Righty/Lefty: righty
Shoe size: 12 and a half
Color: black
Tv Show: Futurama, simpsons, family guy, any thing on adult swim except the Japanese bs
Day of The Week: Friday and Saturday
Song: One (rare version) – Metallica
School subject: art
Tv Station: comedy central and cartoon network(adult swim)
Number: 7
Gum: winter fresh
Weather: late spring weather
Toothpaste: colgate
Food: Lobster
Drink: water or ice tea
Shoes: just for feet shoes
Sport to watch: Foot ball

KnOw AnYoNe WhO
Drinks underage: yes
Smokes: yes
Does drugs: yes
Lost their virginity: yes
Have you
Broken the law: yes,  who hasn’t any way every 1  j-walks
Ran away from home: never
Cheated on a test: plenty of times
Made a prank phone call: Yeah last night even w/ my bro ask me if u want to here them we record them
Skipped school: yes
Skipped a class: yes fiesta in 7th grade grrr rebel
Gone to church: yeah
Read the bible: yes but not the whole thing that’s alot
Stayed home on a weekend: yeah
Been in the hospital: yes
Ever met someone famous: yes Joey nova!
Been in a school play: yeah my bro n sis it sucked

Went swimming in the ocean: yea plenty of times I love it
Cried in public: Idk probally  but I don’t think with in several years
Let a friend cry on ur sholder: yes
Used someone: yes I used nick to get to G
Been cheated on: sorta but technically no
Done something u regret: of corse
Lied: yes
Been Kissed: yes
Seen the Eiffel Tower: yeah in Disney world!!!………………… I think
Been in love: yes
Cried over someone: yes
Which is better?
Hugging or Kissing: a hug into a kiss
Mud or Jello wrestling: KY JELLY LUBE BATTLE!!!
Sandles or Shoes: Shoes
Pepsi or coke: Pepsi
CD or tape: Mp3
Pen or pencil: pensil
Flowers or candy: giving flowers
Tall or short: shorter
When/what was the last…
Tv show u watched: Futurama
Movie rented: uhhh damn cant remember
Person u talked to on the phone: Tawnie
Thing u ate: fruit
Thing u drank: water
Song u heard: The Faint – Take me To The hospital (tells alot that’s on my mind)
Current crush/love: Tawnie
Been hurt: love hurts some times
Have u ever said i love u and meant it: yes every day


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