New Day hurray………………Went back to school finally today. There it was basicly the same but the differnce was that i have physics and Gym now and no more chem and health I. I got my report card today horrible heres my grades : health 94 final grade 91, english 79, 19th american bullshit 81, Algerbra I 87, Chem 69 final grade 77,  German I 61, Art 83. Class Rank 94 of 137 Gpa 81. Overall better than i expected but hey i im greedy i want better grades. 

Enough about school i went to the mall today and just got back around 10 , there i went with tawnie, jackie and lauren. It was fun i guess we walked around went to subway and just sat on benches. There we saw alot of people from catty incluing Kyle fritz haha hes too fucking funny. he took pics of us and we will be on his xanga shortly from his trip to the mall.

Tommrow …………………. Valentines Day!!!! Should be a happy day and no one should messed it up! I plan on going out to dinner with tawnie and then coming back to my house to watch a movie. I also need to give her preasents to her i really hope she likes them. Well besdides tommrow if any1 is up for anything during the weekend just call me or something 610 264 0784…….. Looking to do something fun to make up for all the loss from being sick…..






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