Havent really talked much on this lately but heres the update….went to the movies on friday with rob,lauren, and andrew…We saw 50 first dates and it was a really sad movie. Saturday went to robs house with nick and chilled and played video games…….Yesterday i basicly sat at home waiting fror tawnie to get home so i could talk to her….. i missed her so much i went out and got her a rose and went to her house to surprise she was happy to see me which made me in a good mood….. at school had to go to guidence for some stupid shit… that no longer is a concern to me so its dust in the wind…….might go to the mall today…..thats bout it so far…




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  1. Hey man im glad u and tawnie are all good now. god luck with every thing your playing one of the stalk songs. for ppl who dont know songs that seem to be on when ever you turn on the T.V./radio and have a meaning to them

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