Havent updated in a while been gaps in my life… well yesterday i went to school like i ussually do…. after school i went to tawnies house and then we went for a nice walk around catty. We went to jay’s house and saw him n jimmy n jj. Then went bac to her house and dropped her off.

Today i went after school with tawnie and hung out at her house for a lil…..then we went and walked to mikes house and met up with him and aj… mikes cats are really kool they like me…… well at least 1 does…..then off to pantry we went and there we got ice cream and snapple. After that we head towards a gaveyard but then tawnie called kris’s and we went to his house and watched tv and stuff……..then at 9 45 we all left and now im home…… tommrow i shall go to my angels and spend sum time with her b/4 i go biking.


i love u tawnie


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