Fuck This Fuck Life Fuck everything…………..nothing will get better nothing is happy anymore im sad inside but on the out side i am angry……….I am treated like shit and thats how it is going to be for the rest of my insinifigant life…….Every thing is hell ……….i dont care anymore……… fuck it all……dont judge me u dont fucking know me , kill you fuck u i will never be you.

I had enough of all this……love is shit and so is life……….all i do is care and get nothing in return but misery why they fuck do u do this to me………

>>>>i did nothing to deserve every last horrible thing that has ever happened to me ever since cradle to preasent day<<<<

Life you can go fuck yourself i lost my patience for you

There is no love there is no caring

And ppl who think i cut myself …. i dont and i dont need to hurt myself the world and people do it for me

So just let me be…….and if u fucking judge me i swear ……………

 for people who really cant understand my feelings Heres a little of what i have been through…….:


abused (physically)(emotionaly)                                                                   



UnCared For                                                                                    


Almost murdered by my own mother so close i could feel her breathe down my neck                                                                                                   

Verbally abused                                                                            



Live with my grandmother w/out a mother and father since 10              

Blamed for others problems                                                                 

Therpy for fucking 5 1/2 years of my life                                                

Father whos an alcoholic                                                                    

mother who is a drug addict and is phycho                                            


Labeled and Judged and treated like shit from people from this world       

Self Infliction-Suicidial thoughts                                                            


Panic Attacks -flashbacks -Asma attacks                                                

The worst of all [being told they love you but it was all a lie over and over again] 


So dont say you fucking know how i feel b/c u dont u dont know me u havent seen felt experianced jack shit wat i have ………you will never know …….

and every damn last tear was shed for nothing cuz it wont matter the pain will be here forever


I am ONE

all i asked was for sum one to truly care and love me but thats over


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