Joe… You know people care about you! I care about you…and Im sorry for everything that has ever happened…

You dont deserve any of this…but soon enough everything will pass and evrything wil just like it was before…kinda. You have soo many people who love you and care about you. I love you…Lauren Loves you..Nick loves you..Rob loves you..Kris Darlene Cory Steph Nikkie we all care about you! We are your friends and we love you for being there for us. And we’ll try our hardest to be there for you.If it wasnt for you..alot of people would be like…even worse then they are now every body can talk to you about anything because you have a heart of gold..remember? Your grandma said so…Alot of people care about you and you know it. So you should give a fuck because honestly…I dont know what any of us would do with out you…

No matter what happened between us..I will always be your friend..I promise. For ever and Always

Sincerely yours..




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