ok some stupid as person figured out my password then loged on  to my xanga wrote sum fucked up things and now i have to change it back…..then they erased all my fucking enrys i fucking want to keep those i changed my pass word fucking people look at this:

xoxKissMe221xox: Hi Joe I’m Marcie
PF and Ozzy Rock: wtf u do to my xnaga
xoxKissMe221xox: I was trying to fix it. Your past it so depressing. I decided to make everything Happier and better!
PF and Ozzy Rock: no u mess up my xanga
xoxKissMe221xox: o. I fixed it. W
xoxKissMe221xox: Sorry.
xoxKissMe221xox: I ment to say: No. I fixed it. Well I attemped to
PF and Ozzy Rock: well now i must change everything back
PF and Ozzy Rock: you erased all my entries
xoxKissMe221xox: No. DOnt change it it’s so happy now. And I know I earsed your old entries. They were depressing
PF and Ozzy Rock: yeah which pissed me off
xoxKissMe221xox: Im sorry baby.
PF and Ozzy Rock: u dont even know me
PF and Ozzy Rock: u erased up to an entry where i wrote about tawnie how the fuck does that make me happy i hate her
xoxKissMe221xox: Oh but I do
PF and Ozzy Rock: i hate the world and u cant change that
xoxKissMe221xox: Why do you hate her? I love you Joe. You dont need her. Just earse everything.
xoxKissMe221xox: Forget the past and start a future with me
PF and Ozzy Rock: i dont fucking know you
xoxKissMe221xox: I’ll earse the reast later.
PF and Ozzy Rock: i like sum 1 sorry
xoxKissMe221xox: But you can if you want.
xoxKissMe221xox: No Joe! Im the perfect girl for you! You are mine!
PF and Ozzy Rock: noo im not
PF and Ozzy Rock: i like morgen
PF and Ozzy Rock: not u
PF and Ozzy Rock: ur crazy
PF and Ozzy Rock: now go away i changed my xanga password
xoxKissMe221xox: No. Your mine. You be will mine no matter it takes
PF and Ozzy Rock: ok tawnie randi michelle who ever cut the crap
xoxKissMe221xox: No Joe. Its Marcie. You never met me but I know you.
xoxKissMe221xox: I wil have you one day Joe.
PF and Ozzy Rock: and how do u know me?


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  1. wat ^ joe??? dis is andru talero by the wayz…….yea yo…..i no that feelin…i’s had some stalkers here n there….but if ne thingz….jus get a nu xanga or w/e….yea…i gotz 2 b gettin gonz…..aight???….LaTeRz….O.n.E

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