today good…..went to morgens house today asked her out no more single joe…..been so long…..hopefully this will be successful unlike my past ones…….wont fall in love this time……welll when i hung out with morgen we went to the park went to wegmans….and ekkards……got accused of stealing bullshit ……fucking profiling….but had a really good time with her 🙂 havent been so happy in so long…came home around 7ish went to johns party was fun stuff………lots of ppl…..that is all didnt sleep over b/c too much smoke….




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  1. hey man im happy ta c ur happy man i hope that this time things wont get weird n that n 1 gets hurt im always on ur side man even if u r wrong im always on ur side !!! theirs a term that us use i wont say it but i know it s0o ill go bye it ok  well lots of luck ta yea bye man

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