well im bac..sorta…where have i been? no i wasnt dead ….fucking drug relapse it fucking sucks……..did NOTHING except play gamecube since i got it now my bro bought it and sleep havent left my house since last saturday(1week) so im feeln better so i will be wanting to hang out again…..haha


ps to my friends where the fuck are you guys we need to plan the end of summer party com on


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  1. Ok well listen…you owe me big time and we need to hang out sometime because you missed my partY! 😦
    Me was so sad JoEy!…
    O yeah and if you plan a party wait till i come back on the 28th!!! haha!!!
    And… I wanna meet Morgan!!…so if we have a party you gotta invite her~!!! So glad that you are happy again!!Love yahs!! Lauren ❤

  2. man… we (AJ and i atleast) have been trying to get ahold of u like crazy… but every time we’d call or something Mandee would say your at the doctors so… yea… uhm just let us know what time would be good for you chances are it’ll work out for us as well

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