well i’ll tell you about how ozzfest was after i tell you about last night….welll driving back from ozzfest we all got into a car accident leaving philly…..my sister was the only one who got hurt but shes ok now…we got rear ended by some ass and totaled the van luckily every1 one survived…..the people were assholes that drove by b/c they had a mile of traffic they decided to curse at us so we retaliated and rob mooned them…. then we had to sit in the hospital til 4am then got home at 5am….

ozzfest kicked ass though we all had a good time im so bruised and deaf in my left ear………..i got flashed 6times pretty kool….. pits there were crazy…me kris and mike snuck up all the way to the front jumped a few things to get there ….biggest dissapointment ozzy was “sick” or something so the lead singer of judist priest took his place….

well besides that today i went to the mall with morgen and rob …rob got his haircut man was he pissed its fucking short lol….well rob got bored and left we couldnt find dj……we’ll try an other day…..then me and morgen stayed til 9 15 the fucking cops following us the whole time what a bunch of morons….



ps dont think im in love b/c love is bulshit but hey there always “LIKE”


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  1. hey…ya ozzfest was great…remember on the way down u should me vermilion pt 2…..well iv listend 2 this song almost as much as fade 2 black…idk…im just in 1 of those moods again…well had fun w/ ya n YES IM ANGERY ABOUT MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!well i, happy 4 u…morgins rly kool n im glad ur happy…maybe we’ll get lucky someday n ill find sum1 when u got it…i dout it but maybe….well im gana go…thx 4 showin me this song..i like it so much….makes me deprester tho…o0o wel….later

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