How  frequently  do  you  want  to  have  sex?  all the fucking time
Do  you  like  oral  sex?  yes
Do  you  fantasize  a  lot?  ummmm yes
What  is  your  wildest  sexual  fantasy?  sex with a hot teacher
Have  you  ever  had  sex  with  someone  of the same sex?  fuck no gross
Have  you  ever  orally  copulate  with  someone  of  the  same  sex?
hell no

Have  you  ever  fantasized  about  the  last  two  questions?  no i had nightmares
Have  you  ever  fantasized  about  being  the  opposite  sex?  sure
What  parts  of  your  body –  when  rubbed  or  caressed –  arouse  you the most?   my dick
What  is/are  your  G-Spot(s)  that  you  know  of?  i dont wanna know im a guy
What  sexual  positions  have  you  used/tried?  missionary, doggy, 69, uhhhhh too many
What  is  your  favorite  sexual  position?  anything
What  is  the  wildest  sexual  position  you’ve  been  in?  skyscraper
What  is  your  favorite,  most  arousing  body  part  on  the  opposite sex? eyes and ass
Do  you  have  any  fetishes? umm i like to bite ….none really
Do  you  shave  your  pubic  hair? trim yes
Do  you  prefer  to  have  the  pubic  area  shaved  smooth  on yourself  or  your mate? both trimmed 
If  you  are  a  man,  what  is  the  length  and  girth  of  your penis (be honest)? 7 and a half ..and like 6 around …..and still growing im only 16 take that mother fuckers
Do  you  like  to  do  things  like  urinate  or  defecate  on  your  
  awww thats so fucking grose how do you go from talking about my penis to this no!!!!
Have  you  ever  had  sex  in  the  shower?  Did  you  like  it?  noo……but i always wanted to
What  parts  of  your  body  have  been  kissed,  lipped,  or  nibbled during sex? neck ,ummmmmm below waist…………………….lips
What  parts  of  your  body  do  you  like  to  have  kissed,  lipped,  or  
nibbled during  sex?
have  you  ever  had  sex  outdoors?  yea, oral in the woods…….
Have  you  ever  had  anal  sex?  If  yes,  did  you  like  it? i gave it once for a lil  to a girl who will remain anaymous ….its gross
What  do  you  find  pleasurable  about  anal  sex? nothing
do  you  masturbate?  How  often?  What  do  you  fantasize  about What  is the  craziest  place  you’ve masturbated  in?  Have  you masturbated  another person  either  of  the  same  or  opposite  sex? yes i do masturbate, allot and im not ashamed , sex….. car……..i have masterbated a girl b/4
Give  a  brief  summary  of  your  different  masturbation techniques: wtf you just do it damn it
Do  you  use  sexual  toys  during  masturbation  or  sex?  State  which session you  use  them  in,  or  both  if  applicable.  Which  toys  have   you  used?  What is  the  wildest  sex  toy  you  have  ever used?  nope..  
Describe  the  toys  used,  and  give  a  brief  summary  of how you’ve used  them: none!!!! 
Have  you  ever  used  food  items  such  as  whipped  cream, chocolate syrup, cherries,  jell-o,  edible  underwear,  etc.  during sex?  If  so,  which  items, and  how  were  they  used?  yea.. whipped cream…sum candy goo stuff
Would  you  like  to  use  sex  toys  or  food  items  during  sex? just food no toys maybe cains
What’s  the  greatest  number  of  orgasms  you  have  achieved  in one  session of  sex?  Please  be  honest: 5
Have  you  ever  done  the sixty-nine69?  yes
Have  you  ever  “tossed”  your  partners  “salad” (orally  copulate their  anus)? no…..
Have  you  ever  had  your  “salad tossed”? no
Have  you  ever  had  sex  with  more  than  one  person  at  a  time, i.e.  a threesome  or  foursome,  or  even  an  all  out  orgy?  no
Do  you  find  it  arousing  to  see  two  people  of  the  same  sex  
engaged  in sex (two  men  or  two  women)?
 two women ….no guys!!!
If  you  are  female  and  like  to  give  oral  sex,  do  you  swallow the semen or  vaginal  fluid,  spit  it  out  etc? ………im a guy
If  you  are  male  and  like  to  give  oral  sex,  do  you  swallow  the  
vaginal fluids  or  semen,  or  spit  it  out?
  i like pussi yummy
Have  you  ever  tasted  or  drank  a  woman’s  breast  milk? no
What’s  the  most  times  you’ve  had  sex  in  a  day? 4
What  is  the  weirdest  place  you’ve  had  sex? undera bridge for  sec
Have  you  ever  video  taped  your  sexual  sessions? no….i would like to

yeah ….this is really open but im an open person so who cares……..


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