(watching this all go by)
It has been to long, since i have paused to mark the tone.
no hatred wrong, strong enough to claim my own.
yet in every day, there lies in wait a hidden force
of violence, that i permit to run its course

You are hate, you are spite,
this endless rage has won.
You are fear, ignorance,
lies upon the page my son.

Honestly, this resonates upon deaf ears.
how quickly, i fall fyrther back in years.
but now in thought, the page seem not, the home to leave this view.
In place of page i should engage these emotions here with you.

Are you a part of the circle?
if i am wrong we’re moving on.
recognize the problems.
watch the nothingness grow strong.
Are you a part ofthe circle?
This voice turning me away.
If there is nothing inside you,
than what do you have to say?

Living in giving in a fake state of honesty
you shift blame focus on the family.
Forget regret everything you’ve done.
Theivery and jealousy for everyone.
Living in your fake state of honesty,
you shift blame focus on the family
forget regret eveything you’ve done
hippocrocy is your own.


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