im bored


4 thoughts on “

  1. klajdflkajsdfkmb szGk.   <– Sorry it wasn’t working.  Yeah, can u believe that. Some Joe kid wrote “stupid” I think u should kik his ass.  Haha, yeah…… I’m on the phone with you… psh.. not that I wanna be… naw I’m playing.  Haha ur stupid.  No I’m playing u just said that.  Well yeah, there u go there’s a comment… but yeah, I’m sure other girls will too.


    . AshleY .

  2. oh i c how it is.. i comment on ur xanga and u dont even repay teh favor. ::crys:: so well you wouldnt be so bored if you commented back.. it wouldve given you something to do… but w/e… lol its ok i still love ya joe!!! im not gonna be in school tomarrow.. srry… but see ya tuesday!HUGSrenee

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