today was kool………hung out with cyn sami n kyle let out sum fustration…….currently looking for a girl friend …..yup i think its time to stop being a whore………….i want a serious relation ship sick of this stupid fuck with my head bs….have a girl in mind if i ever get to c her again shes cute and seems nice……..well im eating oreos so fuck u……skipping school tommorow too tired to go……………………………..



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  1. OMG you commented!! your not a whore… .that pictures 2 years old and its icky but its the only one i have on this puter…you suk.. at least you get to skip and do w/e you want.. i have to go to the doctor and put up wit needles… BLAH.. i hate needles man.. well ill ttyl.. cya in study hall tomarrow.. 😉 lol…. loverenee

  2. I’m glad you had a good day, it’s always good to let out frustration.  Haha, being a whore.  Well, at my school now, I have the rep. of a slut, because I had sex one time.  It’s fucking crazy, and nuts.  All though my school blows.  Don’t ever move to Tulpehocken.  Aww, I hope things work out with that girl, she’d be lucky to have you.  Yeah, I know how it feels, I’m like adoring this guy right now, and I’d be hard because we don’t live close, and it’s be the matter of seeing him.  But you know, long distanct relationships are good in a way, they make them all the more stronger, and shows how much they can actually pull through.  Haha, that’s not fair, I still don’t have any oreos.  I’m eating my chocolate chip ones right now, because you know us girls and our chocolate .  Yeah, I’m probably skipping school on Thursday with my mom because she don’t have work, and I’ll ask to spend some “quality time” or something.  Oh yeah, I wanna say sorry for today, I didn’t mean that.  And if you want to you can call me when you get home, I’m sure I’ll be alive still [6104888014].  Okay, enough writing for now.  Love you <3.

    .    A   s  h    Le       Y     .

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