i have the house to myself……… i showered got all ready nice n clean and smelling good…….. shaved everything and washed my hair…….put on clean clothes…………for what to sit here and cry inside myself in the darkness…..why get attached I only hurt myself ….another girl another dissapointment another heart ache andother day another memory…………

and finally another night spent alone……


single again so im depressed and willing who wants me?



7 thoughts on “

  1. awwww   dont be sad     heartbreak happens to anyone who has a good soul.                                                                                                           <3–some random person

  2. hey nice site, saw the p.f. and ozzy, and was like sweet need to to check this shit out. great song, idk know you but feel better. us girls are bitches. guyz are dicks so were even. my b/f just dumped me and i cryed all day. remember bro’s before ho. but for me it’s chicks before dicks.  lol sorry kinda random.
                  ❤ Megan 
    hey what school do u go to. comment back on my site later.  

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