i hate life at this point…….im ranting and i dont give a shit if it pisses you off….im venting on xanga……..my life seems like a piece of shit lately…..1 i never see my girlfriend i havent in 2 wks 4 days i miss her so god damn much …….i care about her n stuff its like god damn i want to see her but no i never cant……i cant have a suitable relationship ever with any girl ….i find a girl whos sweet and beautiful and whom i love to be with and now i cant see her it like wtf……..ok 2 band lately i dunno its been getting better but sumtimes i think it could shatter in an instant and it scares me……3 my friends important ppl seem to be drifting from me maybe because of band and what not …….sry i havent been a good friend lately but bass is my life right now…….. 4 family….helll on earth…..always has been always will be……5 school guess what my life cant get much better im failing every class except art……… 6 Sex life sux tooo…..thats minor though……….7 i dont have a job…..id be a happier guy if i had 1  my thery for a bit happiness: job +joe =cash for car insurence = sees gf = less band tention= pick up friends hang out= drive to concert with gf and make out………. Another thing ………….. i miss my FUCKING GIRL FRIEND LET ME SEE HER GOD DAMN IT KYLE PICK MY FAT ASS UP TO SEE HER!!!!!! I WANT TO SNUGGLE AND WATCH MOVIES AND HOLD HANDS AND HAVE PAASIONATE SEX AND ATTEMPT TO FEEL LOVED FOR GODS SAKE IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK ……

in other news went shopping today iteams purchased can u guess what im thinking of?:

 yay but mine are black

hope i get to use it soon

12 pac baby


warming lube even better!

female lube!

i have to light my inscents

yes more lube…….

spanish fly umm it makes u horny when u drink it i drank sum never again…..

next time ill by more stuff




2 thoughts on “

  1. WTF is up with all the lube?  Jesus Christ, I mean, I could understand one bottle but four??  Hahahaha..  JOSEPH.. YOU BETTER PICK UP YOUR GRADES OR I’LL KICK YOU IN THE HEAD!  Why don’t you just take a bus to go see your girlfriend..?  That’s what I’d do..  Okie well glad you love my rants.. I love nipple piercings and what do you know, you have them.. did you do them yourself??  OK well talk to you later Joe, hope things get better especially your grades or I’ll be mad.
    Buhhh bye.. Arika.

  2. holy shit Joe, got enough lube? geez. Well if you take the bus it only goes to slating twice a day. it arrives in Slatington at 1:15 and the other one is like 5 something. And plus you have to wait at the PP&L building for like…45 minutes. I took the bus there once…haha remember? I called you. I was scared. You were in Texas. It was funny..well any ways…go get a job. Go to Wise’s or AC Moore or Jo Anns or some other place…LOTS of places are hiring now, mainly bc of the holidays but whatev.
    Eh. Good luck….hope you get to use your 4 things of lube…. sheesh
    .x. Tawnie .x.

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