i have depression even though i take medicin for it ….….o welll theres always tommrow to look forward too….benn a while….

well anyway band went exstreamly well

were going to be on showline in feb….so be prepared

songs complete:

+divine Intervention

Working on:

+Forever tells
+Robs Song
+Kyles song


3 thoughts on “

  1. dont be depressed..i love youuu..lol..uhm..yeaha..so tell me wen were hangen out bitch..haha..if im taking a ‘sick day’ from skool..text my fone the nite before..so i knoe..lol..ur 2 awesomeeee….

  2. yooooooooo biotchhhhhh   ima be a lil’ bit gangsta on you! and you best enjoy it too. GanGstas fo life! Thnx for speakin wit me when i was down. you a nice boi. (*what else can I say gangsta-ish –its kind of fun))) well . . . watch yo’ back son!
    <333 tiff   –sometimes, I just need to be a gangster. Thanks for listening. lOl..

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