yeah i kind broke up with jessi today…wow havent done that in like forever….. i wnt to put things on hold but she automaticly hates me now…i dont hate her nor will i ever but o well…..i cant handle a reltionship right now …………too many problems to deal with …..i will miss her dearly….. even though she will just forget me…….. well o well



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  1. grr not gonna say anything -.-
    Anyways back to you…everything will get better just like it always does…you’ll have this in your head for awhile, and I know it’ll bug you and even though it doesnt show I know its killing you inside that all these girls do somthing to you. Theres more girls out there and you really need to learn not to give all your feelings to someone at first, or somthing like this will happen. I don’t know much about this relationship, but I really thought you 2 would be together for a little longer…you 2 were to far apart in distance try finding someone closer, or just wait when you move out…hope you feel better joe…and don’t mope around in the house all day get out and get your mind off of her.

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