Welll besides wanting stufff……

i finally got a job at burger king yay me…i start tuesday at 5 so blah…..

ummmmmm watched the nick berg iraq video and man its fucked up i mena relly fucked up  irlly hate iraq nd terrorists i hope they fucking die i want to cut there fucking heads off and see how they like it…….so anyway i decisided to be a republican when i regester and i mallredy pro bush …..and im for the war…… welll thats just somwthing id like to say, and people against well your just fucking stupid ….you watch that video and tell me we dont need to get rid of terrorists and not fight there you fucking idots….

well ne ways i hope i get lots of comments on that one …..jsut rember i am very opionated and i dont care…..

welll my bands trying to get sum one to try out….fun

ummmmm i start bass lessons thursday next week i mgoing to get so fucking good blah!

ummmm bored

Im fucking gone…..




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