my depressions kicking in again…….it always does in the winter….i just really dont care any more honesty i dot ……bass and work that me for now on ……my dreams are not coming true…..every hates me all i do is bitch and complain….im anoying and ppl get mad at me when i try to be friendly sometimes…..w/e im not going to bich i complain too much ……drag from the silence where i hide…….

its driving me inside…..and i cant hide


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  1. *shrug* I don’t know who hates you.. everytime I go on your Xanga, there are people saying they DON’T hate you.  Not everyone’s dreams come true right away.. my dreams never came true.
    You can get all depressed and believe everyone hates you and life sucks… or you can get up and go live your life, because you’re not going to be young forever and when you get older, you’ll realize how much time was wasted sulking.
    I’m not saying it to be mean, but it’s something I realized and I wish it was something you’d realize.
    Feel better.

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