i love my metal but every once in a while i hear something new that is truly beautiful…. this song by cradle of filth is by far the most amazing thing ever its so fucking beautiful……the singing its astounding…..any one that talks shit on this should burn forever….. takes out any black metal song EVER

well valentines day sucked…………too many bad memories of life i once knew… i spent valentines at band….and at my phychotrist…..great mix…. i know  where i belong and love and all it jewls is not for me…..i guessim lerning right….i mean ……all who i truly love were taken from me….except one…. right now my best friend rob is all i have and i will keep it that way…..no mother, no father, no lover….. heres some lyrics i wrote to use in our band i was really pissed……


I dont fucking need this
You fucking kill my world
How the hell do you think your better
I dream on a barb wire bed
Just keep beating me down
You just keep fucking my mind
My patience is thin ice


I dont need this, Shit
You insult my intelligence
You break my last nerve
YOU! Crush my compacity
Now its time to DIE

Verse 2

I’ll fucking get you and rip your heart out
You start me, so fuel my fire bitch
You fucking whore
So come on, set me free oh i dont wanna be,
set me free oh i dont wanna be
because your taking my life


Break down/ Bridge?

This hate, yeah its building up
Thats it there it goes
Oh Fuck….
Here it comes ,your at the end of your rope
With this Fucking ice pic
I silence you ,your blood for my tear stained eyes
Oh, Listen to that chainsaw rev-up(High pitched murder scream)


No more will you insult me, You speak no words
(WHALLLLLH) Do you think i care
Your GONE………….
Insult my Intelligence
Insult my
Insult my Intelligence


Insult it once more BITCH



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