i have lost the will to live ….simply nothing more to give

wallowing in my own self pitty how beautiful…….click…..

i dont whats wronge with me al lthe time …..i just feel dead……

some people were meant feel alone i guess

theres always going to be the people that are happy togeather, the people who

just see eachother, the people that argue and fight but always make up, the

people that want to be alone, the people that use eachother, and the helpless

romantics every1 needs to go somewhere i guess i belong where i belong

im never happy….
i been in one big spiral down since day one


3 thoughts on “

  1. GAH.. Joseph.. what the hell? You should be happy you haven’t been single for coming up on TWO YEARS now. I don’t know why you think the world revolves around you being with a chick every second of your life. Why can’t you just do your own thing for a while and forget about “everyone” being with someone? You weren’t “destined” to be alone.. you’re being so dramatic.. trust me, if you’d get your mind off of being “alone” all the time, you’d be alot happier. But I know you won’t take my advice, you never do, you probably don’t even care that I’m taking the time to write all this.. you’ll just find out for yourself someday.. let’s hope by then you’re not all grown up and didn’t miss out on life because you couldn’t bring yourself out of your self pity for a half of a second to enjoy your childhood. Bye.

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