i thought i had you, i thought wronge….i thought i could change for you, i thought wronge….i though it would mean something…..I though it could be differnt this time…i thought i could make some new memories… i thought id have another shot at love ……i thought i could feel……

I thought wronge

and there goes my shot at it……  no more red roses @>–`—


I hurt myself today
to see if i still feel.
I focus on the pain,
the only thing thats real.

The needle tears a hole;
the old familiar sting,
try to kill it all away,
but I remember everything.

what have I become,
my sweetest friend?
Everyone i know,
goes away in the end,

and you could have it all:
my empire of dirt,
I will let you down,
I will make you hurt.


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