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hung with rob, ate kfc and threw his pet rock (bob) at a car along with soda koleslaw and mashed potadoes ^_^ i love KFC

i decided to write a short story, the story is untitled for now but its going to be about: mainly revolve around my life and all i been through since i was born, my family, my sadness, my happyness, what ive learned and it will revolve mostly about my love life and why I am a attached person. My name and other charachters names will be changed so will the city names and junk.

It should be at least 30 pages long which is just a guestamate…. so far i wrote the intro paragraph

It will be based on my life but it will be slightly altered.


“Desire” written by me

I wish i didnt care anymore
Tell me what i am doing all wronge
Youre my one only desire
My complication
My Life, My fate
My Entire Lose
Is this really the way it was intended
What am i lurking for
One day when i awake
Lieing Next to you
Would it all go away
Could’nt I replace what is no more
I create memories of you and I
What was going on
Time has past me by
Looking past me I see you
A view from another
A gift of desire, rests with in
Falling down, to this hole in the ground
No Resistance
I give myself over to endless darkness
Just anonther stitch in this patch of this endless quilt of Desire
Another desire i wish to have to claim my own
Something, for me to be one with 
A piece

work sucked, bored. Wish i had sum kind of life. I miss rob. I miss band. I miss zac. (man thats bad) Any who um work tommrow 11-7 again woopdydoo bored bored bored. Tickets are on sale for our next show june 12th at croc rock 7$ 5pm sunday night so be there please good metal and rok bands. curently listening to pink floyd love them guys…

haha charade you are……..

im bored if any 1 wants to do something call me i have a car !!! i can drive
and i am fly