lets just say yesterday was one of the worste nights of my life, i went to prom with a girl i really liked met her family and parents, bought  a tux, bought her flowers, a corsausge, opened the door for her, got pictures with her, pushed her chair in for her…..and basicly spilled my heart. I got to prom and she ignored me the entire time…… then she said was pissed at me b/c the way i act(outing, talkative). Then she ditched me after dinner from 7-11 i was alone with no date. I feel like total shit. I went back to the table with tears in my eyes, and sat down and drew, cuz thats what i do when im depressed. Im never good enouh for anyone i want…. never could quite reach there expectations. So i sat alone at the table while every1 else was having a good time and thought about everything about how i was just a rebound date b/c she didnt want to go “alone”.  It was soposed to one of those nights that something amazing happens and your with sum1 you care about, but i guess that shits just for fairy tales. Never have i been treated like garbage so bad. I feel like a worthless piece of shit. Sometimes , Sometimes i just want to runaway.

 Fuck life. Fuck love. Fuck her.Fuck prom. Fuck Familys. Fuck my Dreams. Fuck Desire. Fuck School. Fuck the World. Fuck Work. Fuck me. Fuck Everything.




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  1. so lets see  you new you were going just as friends..  prom isn’t sapose to be specail to u yet cause ur only a sophomore..   and its not a ninght were sumthing amazing happens its another excuse to party…ur heart bets to attached to easily
          – timbertown expedition crew 05

  2. fuck whoever has shit to say…
    seriously that’s fucked up granted yes you went with her knowing it was only as friend what ever the fuck else but jesus christ… that’s wrong i mean really…She has no right to do any of that shit… don’t get down on yourself over it joe your better than that no matter what you say… fuck that bitch… sorry if u still have feelings for her but that’s fucked up and as for you feeling bad well i understand but she’s not worth your time man, just take it easy and the one will come to you fuck her man the one for you is out there somewhere… take it easy guy… we’re always here for ya

  3. Hey Joe … I still love you!!! People like that aren’t worth ur time … don’t let them brong you down … thats fucked up. Just hang in there and I hope you feel better!!! Luv ya!!!Luv,~Courtney~ ❤

  4. Joe man that is some fucked up shit……….u kno what fuck her and forget her just move on shes a bitch and always will be for what that cunt did to you………..and sorry for the harshness if you still have feeling for her………..but dude there is some out there that will never do ythat shit to you and is perfect for you and youll find her untill then just ride the fuckin train of life take the lumps and and forget about them…………JOE I LOVE YOU MAN YOUR MY BRO!!!……………….

  5. don’t worry joe ya seriously are a good friend… compared to alot of the other people here… no names and not trying to cause drama, your a good person through and through take it easy and don’t change man… your ready for all the shit comming your way… it’s just not ready for you… give it time though

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