——-A.S.D. —–OVLO——

For as time goes on, I realize,
I find no comfort in those eyes.
She is a home who’s comfort wanes
and i dread the sun comin’ thru the panes.

Regret has been a friend of mine
I walked your line but i crossed a line.
She is a love that you cannot plan,
they try to comply but never understand

When all this pain subsides
and leaves me with an aching heart.
You’ll still be on my side
Pushing me to start again. **

And all this building nothing stems from
trying to build a better you
Theres fractions, moments, pieces but never
falling into place like you.
Some day I’ll find someone who I
can relate to just like this
Ther’ll be no more wasted effort
searching for how we used to fit.

If we all had inside
what shows in every move you make
we’d all be more alive
Ill never find another you

Will I ever
see it your way?
Im searching for a note to follow
Every song weve ever sung will always be
different to me
Every time that i awake I know Ill be
somehow dreaming
Every breath, every sigh, every night
I stay up writing
You affect every thought, every line,
This is your song


_when_I_find_you_i_will_know_its_ for_real


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