shall i discuss my life?

lets see ummm well my school life sux, i got suspended until wednesday next week so i wont be around much there. My grades are poor , I dont really know what i am doing with my life but aging. My day consists of band work and school. Work sucks, band sucks every1 in it is ussually pissed at me for some reason , probally because im in a bad mood half the time and my opinions differ from everyone elses. Im under tremendious stress, i have to worry about work i have to worry about my father,  i worry about band i wory about school and my grades. I have to drive my brother to work i have to drive my siblings both to school every morning. I am tight on money and i have car bills to pay, and $300 to pay back my grandma for prom , which broke my fucking heart. Not only did i get it torn out i got to pay for it too, ironicly. I need affection that my family and friends cant give me, i just want a mature affectionate girl ….yeah well my dreams are for other people.  Nothing just seems to be going right for me, especially lately . Im just making a deeper darker hole that i am traped in. All i do is bitch about it. I just want to be happy.

One day i will be happy…..i’ll keep beating, mind as well, nothing more to give & nothing left to lose.

well i dont want to end on a sad note so heres some other info:

Im getting my hair cut for my newe job hopefully that will help out i get paid (400-800$ a week) commision and min. wage.
Our band has a show on june 12th its going to be hudge so please buy sometickets we need to sell them , thanks.
If you want a pin i have sum just ask.

thats it




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  1. What the hell? Why were you suspended? You need to pull your grades up.. I know band is important to you, but seriously.. get your priorities in order, you need to focus on school first and foremost. You don’t wanna wind up a loser like me who dropped out.That’s fucked up about what happened at prom but you live and you learn.. there’s no use dwelling on it.. I certainly hope you don’t still like that girl.. she’s cute, but sometimes that’s not what it’s all about.And if you want a “mature affectionate girl”, you’re gonna have to look at someone in their 20’s cause it ain’t gonna happen.. girls are turning into assholes nowadays, some of them are worse than guys.Next time I see you, I’ll get a ticket and I also want a pin.Feel better.

  2. you know what fuck school,…………………. fuck the techers………………and yeah your gram is a bitch and yeah………but umm I LOVE YOU JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!(well at least like a bro)…………lol……….IM NOT A FUCKIN FAGGOT

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