Strange eyes that Hypnotize

A sweet stanger I see
Please take a look at me.
Your eyes how they hypnotize
Some day I will Realize
Why’d it have to be me.
Alone is what I see
A dream I cannot feel
This fucking gash dont seem to heal
A gruesome boy outside
Ugly is all he feels
An attempt that was always bent
Deep down inside
Something must have slipped my mind
Your music to my ears
Your nothing i can feel
Just come over I’ll make it real
Give me a chance I’ll let you feel, affectts gift left revealed
Inside I always die
What the fuck do I have to hide
Would you think once or twice
A habbit that I try
May I have a kiss before you go
If not could we take it slow
Ripped in two it fucking splits
A puzzle piece that never fits
Your a stranger
A stanger torn inside
A stanger I want to know
or  Im your stanger that you throw…


Yeah i just felt like writing……


I just feel like a fucking joke anymore….to everyone


3 thoughts on “

  1. hey!! yah we deff have to chylll…. haha how did u get my xanga???…. call me up sometime ill talk to erika or i have more friends if that dont work… 610 861 0559



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