theres 52 ways to murder anyone…….


im bored…..tired…lonely…….i hope i find some one soon, im under so muc hstress lately, between bills, work, school, Home shitty life, Band and just plain living….. It would be really nice to have something ease the pain and help me through it…..I just want something i used to have….its been so long …..too long….i wish i could be a better person, i think im anoying…..or something …. i wonder sometimes……what its like…..


Ps: our show is Sunday,Come see us at croc rock, For tickets jsut ask me ill fucking drive them too you…..I cant SLEEPPPPPPP


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  1. haha thats awesome lol…I know that feeling..O.0watcha doing up so0o late hun?…rrg i gtg to sleep or i wont wake up for school…sucks for me, heh =[watch out for scary things under your bed ;]lol<3

  2. that was prolly the strangest comment ive ever gotten lol i hope u get thru what ur ging thru everything happens for a reason ull be okay i kno hehe talk to u later i guess byebyez

  3. Hey kick ass xanga thanks for the comment…keep in touch you seem cool….well bye…
                                         -Mandy Leigh-

  4. I think my cousin is in your band. Justin Talienik? Sound familiar to you???? He said you guys played at croc rock, but I never made it to the show. Hopefully I get to see you guys perform sometime.

  5. Thanks for the compliment..but who are you..your pretty damn gorgeous yourself hun < like to get to know me sometime ImonmedicationXX…later…hmmmm i think ive seen your band at croc once before by the way..the name sounds familar ❤

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