Show is ccomming up soon this sunday…im only going to charge 5$ so thats a good deal. Well tommrows the last day of school…..then finals then summer i hate summer its always boring…….and especially when im single then its fucking really boring, i liek to spend it with someone…yeah well… least my job is fun… air brush all day thats a good job.


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  1. Joe.. I could have sworn I asked you nicely not to mention me in any of your comments ever again… but you obviously have no respect for me or my friend, so you just keep them coming. Are you trying to fuck up me and Vanessa’s friendship or something, because it’s not going to work.. fortunately, we’re both adults who don’t feel like dealing with petty bullshit.You know, as a friend, I have tried to help you out and give you advice on numerous occassions. You never appreciated it, you never thanked me, you never took my advice (even though I was always right.) Instead, you just harrass my friend and then I’m supposed to be all happy and gleeful about it? You know, I really don’t care if you leave her comments.. I don’t care AT ALL… but when she starts getting uncomfortable and telling me about it, of course I’m gonna say something. I trust you’d do the same for your best friend?As far as “saying she has a boyfriend” was concerned… she has a guy.. she was with him for 4 years. They broke up and now they’re speaking again and they spend alot of time together like a couple.. forgive me if I label that as her “boyfriend” because as far as I’m concerned, it’s just easier than saying “some guy she says ‘I love you’ to, holds hands with, kisses, and does other things with.”Joe, thanks. You have single-handedly.. and I can honestly say this… you have upset me more times in the year and a half that I’ve known you than ANY of my friends EVER combined.So go ahead and delete this comment like you did my MySpace one without even acknowledging me AT ALL about it. And I’m sure I can look forward to others reading this comment on your Xanga and taking your side, because they’re your friends and of course they will.I never understood why you were so nice to everyone else but such an asshole to me.PS. If you have something to say to me about this comment, please feel free to consult ME about it rather than making a coy comment on my friend’s Xanga.. thank you.

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