Yeah, so anyway party today shhhhhhhhh……man I feel like everyones taxi in this fucking house drive here drive there ….then drive some more overthere…. seriosly I dont have fuel!! and Im poor I never get my paychecks….I guess I’ll play some bass and learn some more major scales gota get ready for music theory next year…. bye kiddies

good band pic , bad, or alright?




6 thoughts on “

  1. your fucking lucky, your going to ozzfest then..right?, or I think its the Eddie Rocks Out tour this summer i wanna go see them

  2. there once was a man whore named joe lauren lost at ddr to him sigh then with kyle she drove to joes house were they sat in his room n did nutting then joe lived happily ever after aww lauren frey loves joe too lol u rock my socks

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