To ALL the haters out there……Fuck you…. your pathetic…..

We have some shows comming up so check out myspace for a look see….

❤ L.F.



13 thoughts on “

  1. ur are a really cool person to hang out with and you and lauren are really cute together I hope you guyz last.. and your friends are cute haha no but you two are like perfect and DBYH rocks

  2. hahahahah are u the dude from fall out boy holy fuckin shit thats awsome hahaha o god i think i just got off to that lol kidin ok well i miss u n whos the chick that thinks ur sexy huh lol  but to bad hes all mine ladies lol all 8 1/2 or so inches haha

  3. thanks man, its funny, he doesnt even know me and fritz are cool with each other, it was a misunderstanding. hopefully we have that side project practice soon, i learned the part finally.

  4. hey, I won’t be at practice this sunday because I’m gonna be in jersey, but you can still have practice without me…! Don’t worry I’ll be back monday for the show. Make sure zach gets the address for the fair so I can mapquest it… I don’t want any bullshit, I’m holding your ass responsible to find that out. call jackie’s cell if you need me.

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