Man our (me and all the origional metal heads of my generation) Genre is going to hell, seriously I see kids everywhere dressing a certain way just because they think it will get them attention and make them accepted. People are not listening to music for the music anymore just to be “Cool”  Let me just say one thing I remember in 5th grade (6 years ago)  listening to black sabbath, led zeppelind and pink floyd and every one thought I was a weirdo just because I saw no talent in Boy bands and top 40 music. Back then I felt great when someone said they appreciated the same music, today you go out buy the same LED ZEPPELIN shirt that I see every1 have and your automaticly a “ROCKER” It sickens me. I mean all I own is band shirts and i been wering them since I have had my first Eagles ( the band not the god damn foot ball team) shirt when I was 7.

I mean I dont mind when they like the same music and just are getting into to it. But seriosly know what your talking about when you say you love pink floyd, you love led zeppelin. And you love black sabbath. PINK FLOYD IS MY FAVORITE band and I dont like idiots advertising them wronge. I own all their cds and know almost every song word for word, And darkside of the moon isnt their best cd! THE FINAL CUT AND DIVISION B ELL ARE! AND MEDDLE!!!! BLAHHHHHHHHHH

sorry Im done bitching


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  1. finally, the post that defines my life, the only reason i wasnt wearing the shirts way back when was because alec coiuldnt afford $40 band shirts. PF was a little to expiremental for me, i’ll listen to it, but its not my favorite. now led zepplin, the who, and the yardbirds and all the other greats of the era are still my favorite. monday at 5 bitch!

  2. Well at least you don’t have to worry about me wearing PF, LZ, and BS Tee’s. I don’t like any of them all that much. I finally can say I have heard a Zeplin song I liked. I just never knew it was them… WZZO never fukin says who the songs are by. anyway… the only CD i had ever even heard of was dark side of the moon. Make sure those guy practice when I’m gone, I dont wanna hear any bitching when i get back about not practicing!

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