well lets see…..i worked 29.5 hours last week……38 hours this week…..a grand total of 441$ in gross payment for my next pay check….thats about $6.55 an hour man Airbrushing for a job isnt that easy. WEll than kgod starting in september i only work 2-3 days a week until october then i need a new job….any one knows a places hiring good pay hook me up. I miss you lauren….we’ll see eachother tommrow


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  1. “Man our (me and all the origional metal heads of my generation) Genre is going to hell, seriously I see kids everywhere dressing a certain way just because they think it will get them attention and make them accepted. People are not listening to music for the music anymore just to be “Cool”  Let me just say one thing I remember in 5th grade (6 years ago)  listening to black sabbath, led zeppelind and pink floyd and every one thought I was a weirdo just because I saw no talent in Boy bands and top 40 music. Back then I felt great when someone said they appreciated the same music, today you go out buy the same LED ZEPPELIN shirt that I see every1 have and your automaticly a “ROCKER” It sickens me. I mean all I own is band shirts and i been wering them since I have had my first Eagles ( the band not the god damn foot ball team) shirt when I was 7.
    I mean I dont mind when they like the same music and just are getting into to it. But seriosly know what your talking about when you say you love pink floyd, you love led zeppelin. And you love black sabbath. PINK FLOYD IS MY FAVORITE band and I dont like idiots advertising them wronge. I own all their cds and know almost every song word for word, And darkside of the moon isnt their best cd! THE FINAL CUT AND DIVISION BELL ARE! AND MEDDLE!!!! BLAHHHHHHHHHH”

    ————————–You heard about the hottopic going into the mall, eh? Yeah I saw it too. I found it funny. And im pretty sure im still allowed to agree with you on this. It still angers me when people are all like “OMG IM LIKE SUCH A ROCKER BECAUSE I WARE BLACK EYELINER AND LISTEN TO GOOD-CHAROLETTE…..”
    Also about the Pink Floyd shit. Ive been listening to them for like as long as I can remeber….<3’s Pink Floyd. Tehe.


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