Lets see hmmm life…..Good sometimes bad, but im floating on

Summer is coming to an end sept 6th is or first day. September 3rd is my bands last show for the summer vaction, and September 10th is our first Show to open the Autumn School year. New school and my junior year…life will be over shorty it seem and will fade away(metallica) !

Saving up my money for a Beauty, Down payment ment on saturday for the dave philips sale: (Creams Pants) $440 I should have it in by next thursday

-Power: 350 Watts at 4 Ohms, 250 Watts at 8 Ohms
-Updated front panel, double-height wooden cabinet
-Selectable Tube & Solid-State Preamps
-Active and Passive Inputs 
-Rotary Bass & Treble Contour Controls
-10-Band Graphic EQ
-Balanced XLR Direct Output

It Kills the shit out of my Rogue. Even though my rogue has been really faithful.

Speaking of which i am Selling my rogue Head so if any one is interested Give me a shout….$60 or best offer 610 844 3426 

  • 200W
  • 7-band graphic EQ
  • Room contour
  • Line-level ins and outs
  • Mic-level direct out
  • Dual speaker outs
  • 19″W x 6″H x 14″D

Its about a year old, Its Taken Good care of , The fan is silent and its light weight

Im also getting new cords thank god mines short as fuck, Im probally going to get a 30 ft monster cable.

I played a 5 string bass at philips for the first time since i first started to play bass and man did it feel good so i think im going to get myself a nice 5 string bass either a yamaha, or an ibanez nothing extrodinary bust something to have fun with.

And i also thought about buying a FX petal….not sure….so much shit i need for my band tooo man.

Thats it

❤ lauren



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