Alot of shit in life…between family, friends, and my internal feelings……alot on my mind alot in my hands…..its so hard finding time…  ineed time for schools comming up, my job, my band, myself, my girl friend, My friends,  Sleep!, even time to think. Hopefully things will get better i been telling myself that from day one.

Dont get me wronge im not depressed and im not ungrateful , i do have alot. I just get tired and i get upset when things rust instead of shinning. I Have alot of stress lately and i just need some cool time. The school year seems to be a little lighter than summer most of the time.

Im seriously going to get a pocket planner and im going to be a dork with it and plan out allot of things. Which i never wanted my life to turn out that way because life goes to fast if u plann every minute every second its smoother yes, but it is alot fast and before you know it over. 

I especially want more time with my friends because high school will be over soon and alot of us willl seperate, Alot of us all ready have. Vinny went his own way i never see him any more hes off doing his own thing. I really miss him and the middle school fun, i remeber alot with that kid. Arika isnt in high school any more so i never see her either.

My closest friends are Robby, Kris, Zach W., Wayne,lauren F, Justin, Nick B., Kita,  Even Cory, John lew, Zimm, Ferry have drifted a little bit. Cory and Lewis go off and do there thing i see more of john though, Ferry has college so hes pretty busy.

Just miss alot of things and alot of people thats life though.

And the rest of you dont worry were tight too.



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  1. were driftin?????? well i guess ill get off ur back a lil i just miss u lot n want to see u i kinda fogot u have friends to im sry hunny  sigh well i have to go to work i heart u so much so be happy pweeze

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