put the down pay ment on my hartke head today. I saved about 40$ on the Dave phillips sale. Total: 429.99 Origional price was 469.99. I owe about 350 on it and im going to pick it up thursday for practice!! Cant wait. Also monday i get to see my hunni. I never get to see her.

::How quickly I forget …that this….. is meaningless::


Come to our show at the globe on the 3rd and the 10th at the sterling!



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  1.  i havent seen anyone in like 4ever…i kinda been stressed and everything with my bf and my allentown friends and my catty friends….i dont have enuf time for a lot. and i wont have like anytime at all when school starts. but…i WILL make time for ur show. how much are the tickets? i will bring ppl.

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