rough recording has started…

from here to eternity

good stuff

-these are my brothers i will bleed for them ,you better bring more than an army


we cancelled all our shows but we will be recording our new cd and in about a week a few rough tracts will be released. IT sux cuz rob fucked up his knee so were going to be slowed down a little but its ok we will manage and hes trying hard….. lots of home work to do and im tired.

i fucking hate people so much …… stipid people and there stupid friends…..

im sick of people talking shit on my band , you have something to say say it to my face….

grow up, killyourself or something else constr4uctive i dont give a shit if you say we suck you know why im doing something and play on stage give a little respect.

i miss lauren, i went to her house and no one was home o well….i feel sick, show wednes day

set list

Another Victem
From Here To Eternity
Chapters In Darkness
Immune To Weakness

good 30min set…. be there or be lame

Ill nino , Gizmachi, Diecast, Throdl, Drowned by your hate, Lacerate