life it seems will fade away…..

Yah my life seems to be very low right now especially with my family, day in day out with my father and his problems its really hard… grandma and him yelling all day long, seems like history just repeats itself, you think someone will change but they never do. People sometimes neglect what they have in life and dont appreciate it, i appreciate alot that i have; friends, my band, Life, Experiance, My girlfriend…. i know i will always want more though….. no father or mother really is taking a toll on me ……


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  1. Okay mr. joe. Where be your bus stop. I never got my card thingy sent to me… Im guessing id be at the same one you are.  COMMENT ME BACK AND TELL ME!!!!!!! PLZZZZZZ
    And tim says he will be your 2nd father ^_^

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