too much shit on my mind  to deal with……. its fucking hard to do anything lately

schhool, job, family problems, band, shows, extra curricular, friends, gf

i just dont have time for anything anymore…..i have to think


4 thoughts on “

  1. You could do what I did.. drop out, quit my job, stop talking to all my friends, and stop going anywhere..
    Because that’s such a fun life. Pft.
    Be happy you have friends, a girlfriend, a band, a job, and a family.. alot of people would kill for those things. <33

  2. i hope u feel better hunny makes me sad when ur all grrrrrr well just lettin ya kno i miss u like crazy k smochie play good tomorrow
    i think i might need 6 ticket for the ill neno ill let u kno ❤

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