well the show went well last night we went on at 1am we were tired….we played 30mins and then everyone wanted another song so wee played are untitled song.

The hardcore kids didnt start anything they weren’t to happy we played with SFAR but you know what WE put on the show and we played the show and we had fun and thats what its all about.

Tickets are on sale!!! IF YOU BUY FROM ME ONLY 10$ u save2$ and ITS ILL NINO so fucking good metal. Go out and support<3


-i never appreciated you enough


3 thoughts on “

  1. Ok first of all don’t get into this… Just i recomend you stay out of it… I think ur a cool person and all and yea most of her ex’z broke up wit her for sex.. and if your not like that then your not like that thatz cool… me and Lauren have are defferences in opinon and yea i can’t spell and i don’t give a fuck… 
    P.s Just stay out of it… Itz between us four not you

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